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Natural And Herbal Supplements And Alternative Remedies

As a personal, long-term sufferer of chronic urinary tract infections, I sought relief from common UTI's and tried to manage the ongoing re-infections with a range of prescribed antibiotics. I wanted a natural alternative to antibiotics and tried several products with mixed results. After the inception of dmannose.co.uk we discovered a natural sugar that helps control E. coli bladder infection without resorting to antibiotics and provides ongoing relief by eliminating bacteria before an infection occurs. If you have ever suffered regularly from UTIs you will know why it became important to help others. D-mannose provided me with long term relief and helped me live infection-free for extended periods. This meant I could mostly forget about repeat infection and get on with living normally. D-mannose was the first natural product I had found that brought consistent relief from UTIs and resulted in myself and Tracey looking for more natural products which either science had overlooked or just weren’t in the public consciousness. We extended our range by adding wild oregano oil as a support product to d-mannose for control of urinary tract infections. This led to a variety of herbal and natural extracts for general health, energy, vitality and skin care.

D-mannose Powder in 50g Tubs
Prices From: £17.50

Powder dissolves into drinks. Dilute it into water or juice. Easy to take

D-mannose 1000mg Tablets in 50g Tubs
Prices From: £17.50

Easy to take tablets, great for on the go.

Naturesbiotic 90 Capsules Per Tub
Prices From: £17.49

The most potent natural remedy for urine infections and cystitis. Naturesbiotic has antibiotic herbs to help with a multitude of urinary tract infection bugs.

Urine Test Strips
100 Urine Test Strip Tub
Prices From: £11.99

A quick way to test your urine to see if the urine has leukocytes, nitrites, protein, ph and blood which is a strong indication of a urinary tract infection.

Probiotics in 30 Capsule Tubs
Prices From: £12.99

20 billion live bacteria which help your gut back to health. Taking pro-biotic alongside or after antibiotics gives our body a boost to fight pathogens and parasites.

Cranberry 60 Capsules Tubs
Prices From: £12.99

Cranberry Urinary Tract Support

Prostate 60 Capsules Tubs
Prices From: £15.97

Prostate Mens Health Urinary Support

Wild Oregano Oil
Wild Oregano Oil in 10ml Bottles
Prices From: £9.99

Steam Distilled. Herbal extract from the Mediterranean Mountains

Chaga Mushrooms
Chaga Mushrooms 60 Capsules Tubs
Prices From: £14.99

Chaga Mushrooms Antioxidant