How are Stem cells related to Cancer?

In our body there are pools of stem cells inside every tissue that follow the self-replenishing kind of mechanism. These stem cells tend to replenish the count of the cells of the tissue every time they start going down. At some or the other point in life we do tend to loose some concentration of stem cells present in tissues and it is point of time we tend to develop the condition of carcinoma. Researchers from all over the world are working towards making the best use of stem cells to cure all forms of developing cancers in human body.

Irritating Bowel Conditions may give way to Colorectal Cancer

You may have been taking all those irritating symptoms of stomach problems lightly till now, but you may not take them that lightly from now on when you learn that the chronic presence of irritating bowel conditions can give way to colorectal cancer. Presence of abnormal cell mass detected on biopsy in irritable bowel syndrome conditions is considered as one of the primary and prime signs of colorectal cancer. These aggregated cells face a lowered supply of nutrients over a period of time, which in turn gives way to formation of carcinoma in the bowel region.

Correlation detected between Restless Leg Syndrome and Erectile Dysfunction Syndrome

Though age is something that certainly plays a role Erectile Dysfunction Syndrome, a correlation has been detected between aged men suffering with Restless Leg Syndrome and Erectile Dysfunction Syndrome. A common thing that existed in both the conditions was the deficient state of dopamine in the central nervous system. However, it has been also claimed that sleep deprivation conditions such as Obstructive sleep apnoea are also related with the Erectile Dysfunction Syndrome in addition to the Restless Leg Syndrome.

Fatty bone marrow in Anorexics

Surveys performed at the Children’s hospital, Boston on MRI images of bone marrows of Anorexics confirm the fact that bone marrows of this group of people bear a high measure of fatty substance when compared to the amount of fat of a normal human being. According to Dr. Catherine Gordon (Endocrinologist) young women bearing a zero amount of subcutaneous fat bear the chance of accumulation of fatty substance in their bone marrow. Deposition of fatty content in a high proportion in the bone marrow bears a direct effect on the growth potential of the bones. Bones of legs face a severe retardation in their growth phase due to the hormonal alterations induced by the anorexia nervosa.

Role of Blueberries in treating intestinal disorders

A new research work from the Lund University of Sweden states that blueberries with its inherent probiotic bacterial action of lactobacillus and bifidobacteria plays a significant role in treating intestinal disorders. In fact if blueberries are consumed along with the probiotic drinks, the action of blueberries against intestinal inflammation gets enhanced. Many intestinal disorders like ulcerative colitis or constipation can be treated on a long-term basis with blueberries. Blueberries are also of aid in preventing the incidence of colorectal cancer when consumed on a regular basis.

Potential hazards of Third-Hand Smoke

Nicotine in third-hand smoke is the tobacco residue that sticks onto the surface of the objects placed in smoky environment. Studies have shown that its not only the smoke that non-smokers inhale from that is hazardous for them but also the smoky residue that gets deposited in the items like furniture, drapes etc. for weeks or months (until cleaned off). This residue combines with nitrous acid of the smoky environment and forms carcinogenic tobacco-specific nitrosamines that induce a form of carcinogenic effect onto the human cells. Surely, after reading about this third-hand of smoking you will not encourage any smokers in your house until they swear to not to smoke in there!

Detection of Mesothelioma at an early stage is now possible!

Mesothelioma is an upcoming common cancerous condition that affects the mesothelial lining of all the organs. The early stage of Mesothelioma is marked by shortness of breath, intermittent pain in the chest, and weight loss. ‘Pleural fluid cytology’ is a form of diagnostic test that has been developed to diagnose mesothelioma in its benign or early state. The test detects the presence of a specific protein in the pleural fluid that can be found only in the pleural cavity when the patient is suffering with mesothelioma. Detection of mesothelioma at an early stage increases the chances of survival and reduces the magnitude of complication in treatment procedures.

Autism risk in babies proportional to the age of pregnant mothers

Researchers studying the presence of autism have performed a form of survey on babies born with inherent autism condition. It has been concluded that females giving birth to babies in their old age bear higher chances of giving birth to babies that suffer with autism. Further studies on this aspect of autism have shown that in older age has a tendency towards increased autoantibody production that is accompanied with increased sorption of chemicals from the environment by human cells.