Don’t let the Periodontal Myths take over

Almost every other person we come across suffers with some or the other gum/periodontal problem. Though most of them may not require essentially the extensive periodontal treatment procedures they do require daily care to some extent. Some of the periodontal myths that have been followed through millennia are:

  • Bleeding gums are something that can be easily avoided: Bleeding gums are the foremost significant sign of periodontal disease and give way to bigger issues like tooth loss and gum diseases if ignored.
  • Teeth don’t require flossing everyday: Just like brushing, flossing is a day-to-day routine dental care procedure and needs to be repeated everyday after meals.
  • Poor oral hygiene will affect the health of oral cavity only: Poor oral hygiene affects the body in a generalized mode and induces the symptoms of stress and poor diet in the patient.

Who are more weighty—women drinkers or women non-drinkers

Surprisingly women drinkers who drink moderately have lesser chances of gaining weight than women who don’t drink at all. All thanks to the BMI reduction that alcohol gets with its energy balance property! Calorie count of per gram alcohol is 7 calories with 28 grams in every ounce. BMI is the measure that states the percentage of fat in the body and is surely something that’s maintained under normal levels by alcohol with its property of raising the metabolic stats of the body.

Effects of Hyperthermia on Tumors

Hyperthermia induced into the affected region with controlled low temperature and high temperature treatments can be of aid in curing both malignant and benign tumors. The techniques employed to induce the thermal alteration are less invasive than the regular radiotherapeutic procedures. However, hyperthermia works synergistically alongwith the chemotherapeutic doses and therefore enhances the action of the drugs.

Seaweeds are of aid in fighting the toughest versions of Lymphoma

None of us can actually think that a slimy little piece of seaweed lying offshore can actually be of aid in fighting the toughest versions of lymphoma. Fucoidan, a sulfated polysaccharide found in seaweeds resembles heparin as far as the chemical structure is concerned. This compound exerts a form inhibitory effect onto the destructive lymphoma cells and leaves off the healthy cells intact.

Can daylight saving times be deleterious?

Yes they can be actually! People going to work on a regular basis and facing stress and chronic fatigue in their regular lifestyles face it even more when they start following the daylight saving schedule. Studies confirm the fact that a higher proportion of heart attacks, and traffic mishaps were encountered on the first Monday of daylight saving schedule. Although some tips that have been suggested by researchers to overcome these fallouts are:

- Start going to bed early before the changes of the daylight saving schedule follow

- Expose your body to sunlight as early as possible in the mornings

- Avoid naps on Saturdays

Onset of Parkinson’s augments with increased daily cigarette usage

Most of us can be found following a false assumption that the rate of onset of Parkinson’s is directly proportional to the number of years a smoker has been into this sickening habit. Nevertheless, the truth is that it’s the rate of usage of cigarettes on a daily basis that bears a direct effect onto the onset of Parkinson’s disease in any smoker. Studies performed on the chemicals and mechanisms related with smoking are also expected to offer a closer view of the key factors responsible for Parkinson’s in normal individuals.

Hearing problems with the regular usage of Painkillers

You may feel relieved of stabbing headache with use of potent painkillers but this relief can possibly cost you a hearing problem to some extent over a period of time. Regular use of aspirin, acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs expose the subject to their ototoxic effects of the chemical salts used in these preparations. It is therefore advisable to go for other option like acupuncture or spa therapies to override those day-to-day throbbing headaches.

Faster healing of extraction wounds with light cure

Patients who have faced the agony of an extraction their life must be well aware of the time taken by the extraction wounds to heal (which is approx. one week) and the feel of it. Recent studies suggest that an exposure of extraction site to the blue-violet light of the frequency 400-500 nm (something that is usually used in clinics for light cures) enkindles the production of reactive oxygen and cell growth in the affected region that in turn contributes to the faster healing of extraction wounds.

Does a periodontal problem affect the maturity status of baby at the time of birth?

Well it does…none of us would in the most likely way believe that periodontal problems or problems related with gums can actually affect the preterm birth incidences in any way. Screening was performed on pregnant subjects between 6-20 weeks of gestation treated with root planing and scaling. Outcome of the screening revealed the fact that the subjects with healthy gums and zero periodontal issues had 7% of prematurity less than 35 weeks gestation. Even the subjects that were successfully treated for periodontal disease had a lower incidence of preterm birth.

Irreversible Electroporation- A promising treatment option for patients suffering with Pancreatic Cancer

Irreversible Electroporation or IRE is one technique that involves poking of holes into the tumour that dwells in the pancreas. The technique makes use of brief and controlled electric pulses to make these microscopic pores in the targeted area of pancreas. These holes cause microscopic damage to the malignant cells that finally ends off with their death. Irreversible Electroporation does this relieving function with minimal scarring and lesser postoperative pain.