First aid rule for a knocked out tooth

You must be thinking that an obvious first aid rule for knocked out tooth to visit the nearest dental clinic. Nevertheless, there is a first aid rule that has to be complied with before you reach a dentist’s clinic and that rule is of –‘Placing the knocked out tooth in a favourable solution’. This favourable solution can be either milk or saliva (if the kid is not too young to swallow the tooth placed in oral cavity)

Human embryonic stem cells give birth to retina of the eye

People suffering with some acquired or genetic (retinitis pigmentosa) retinal problems can now take a breath of relief as scientists have come up with a new source that claims of giving birth to retina of the eye. This procedure involves the creation of retinal cells with the process of differentiation to which the human embryonic stem cells are subjected. Human embryonic stem cells pass through the differentiation pathway to give birth to retinal cells of the eye.

T helper-type 1 (Th1) cells not much of an aid in treating multiple sclerosis

The previous researches that stated that T helper-type 1 (Th1) cells could be of some aid in treating multiple sclerosis with its autoimmune asset have been annulled by the recent studies that have something different to state. The recent studies state that T helper-type 1 (Th1) cells are not much of an aid in treating multiple sclerosis as they suppress the action of Th17 cells which in turn blocks the development of an autoimmune reaction in the body that was supposed to strengthen the body’s immune system against multiple sclerosis.

Correlation between oral hygiene status and heart’s health status confirmed

Recent surveys performed on the subjects with varied oral hygiene status have confirmed the fact that a correlation does exist between the oral hygiene status and heart’s health status of human body. The analysis of the soft tissue of gums of people with a poor hygiene status showed the presence of inflammatory markers such as the C-reactive protein and fibrinogen, which is a coagulation factor of blood that is responsible for faster coagulation of blood in arteries. So, next time your dentists informs you about brushing your teeth twice a day…consider the heart’s status crux.

Gum bacteria hold the potential of curing Alzheimer

None of us would have ever imagined that gum bacteria drew out from the periodontal region can be of any aid in patterning a flawless treatment plan for curing Alzheimer’s disease. These gum bacteria cause the brain cells to undergo autophagy or self-eating mechanism under which the cells plan their survival and defence against invading organisms by degrading and recycling material into amino acids. These amino acids released by the cells help in the build up of polypeptides within the neurons of nervous system.

Oral hygiene goes for a toss during trimesters

It is not the pregnant mothers who should be actually blamed for bad breath when they are pregnant but the hormones. The hormonal changes taking place in every expectant mother’s body are responsible for the compromised oral hygiene problems that give way to bad breath and swollen gums. Irrespective of the frequency of brushing, these problems continue to persist in the trimesters without a break.

Stem cells give birth to permanent teeth

Researchers working to get a hold of the secret formula that posses the power of regenerating a new permanent teeth have finally come up with a new invention. It seems that the stem cells of our body poses immense regenerative power that is capable for giving birth to a new tooth form that exhibits all the original qualities of an original permanent tooth.

Regular consumption of Antacids can lead to stomach infection

Most of the patients suffering with the acidity problem tend to ignore their dietary restrains, as they believe that antacids are there to take care of this problem. Nevertheless, recent studies have proved that regular consumption of antacids constantly keeps the acid levels of stomach, which in turn gives way to a flourishing environment for C. difficile bacteria (the one that causes diarrhoea).