Diagnose Heart diseases in their initial stages with Exercise tests

The reason why most of the heart patients are not able to cope up with the strenuous heart diseases is that thy don’t get the heart diseases diagnosed in their initial stages.in most of the case it’s the men are more predisposed to suffering with heart diseases. Even the ones who haven’t experienced any strokes in their entire lifetime bear a chance of developing a chronic heart disease any time if they fail in the exercise tests. The most common exercise test that is performed by the physicians is that of running of the treadmill. Smokers and obese people are the ones who score low in the exercise tests.

Target heart rates disclose heart problems

Target heart rates are actually the heart rate levels that reveal the accurate status of your heart and are based on the count of your pulse per minute. Target heart differs from one person to another age, gender, maximum pulse rate and pulse rate at rest. It’s really important to measure target heart rates to eliminate the chances of onset of any sorts of heart problems. You can always use a target heart rate calculator to estimate the status of your heart’s healthiness quotient. Some of the standard heart rates that have been listed by the American Heart Association based on the age of the people are:

20 years 100 – 170 BPM
25 years 98 – 166 BPM
30 years 95 – 162 BPM
35 years 93 – 157 BPM
40 years 90 – 153 BPM
45 years 88 – 149 BPM
50 years 85 – 145 BPM

Sounds of baby talk help in diagnosing early autism

Autism can now be detected in its early stages in the newborns with ‘Vocal Signature’ technology. This high tech science has been named as Language Environment Analysis or LENA. It records and concentrates on the sound patterns of the newborns to analyse their cognitive development right from their birth. every sound from the cries to the loud vocals produced by the baby while talking are analysed by the processor of the LENA software that readily distinguishes the language delay in speaking to differentiate normal kids from the ones suffering with early autism.

Why traditional treatments don’t work on Lupus?

Lupus or lupus erythematous is an autoimmune disorder that is marked by the presence of an immune system in the body that sees the cells and organs of the body as a foreign body and therefore starts attacking the healthy and normal cells of the body. It’s a really tough situation to be dealt with when it’s the body’s own immune system that’s against the structure of the body. It’s for this reason that scientists couldn’t develop a cure for Lupus for the past 50 years. All that can be done to assuage Lupus symptoms is adoption of the following cautions:

• Avoid stressful situations
• Restrain from smoking
• Lesser exposure to sun’s rays
• Visit a physician who can advise appropriate antibiotics (they may not correct but control Lupus)
• Avoidance of chlorine treated water

What turns black hair into grey hair?

Oftentimes we tend to envy some exceptional people around us whose hair didn’t turn grey and are enjoying the freedom of zero dye regime. It’s basically the wear and tear of hair follicles that produces hydrogen peroxide which turns black hair into grey hair. Melanin is the natural black hair dye produced by our body. The hydrogen peroxide produced during the wear and tear blocks off the production of melanin and gradually due to lack of melanin component black hair into grey hair.

Cartilage shield restores auditory sensation in chronic inner ear infection patients

The most troublesome symptom faced by chronic inner ear infection patients is that of loss of auditory sensation. Chronic inner ear infections can be commonly encountered in patients who listen to loud music for long hours every day. Recently, medical science has come up with a less invasive procedure of restoring the functioning of inner ear by placing a shield that’s made out of the cartilage of the same human being. Cartilage shield is placed in the region of tympanic membrane for the membranous reconstruction. The procedure’s name is Tympanoplasty and it’s a more cost-effective and less-invasive surgical procedure of curing chronic inner ear infections.

Does your child suffer with Glue Ear?

Certainly that’s not ‘Glue-in-the ear’!! Glue ear is a form of middle ear infection that marked by dullness in hearing. It’s an ear infection that is commonly encountered in children as the Eustachian tube or the tube that connects middle portion of the ear with the outer portion of the ear. Glue Ear can be caused by an ear infection, strong regurgitation of fluids, and changes in air pressure that is experienced by many people in flights. Usually when the adults get down from the fight their glue gets corrected on its own, but in some cases it doesn’t happen in kids and if left unattended Glue ear can finally culminate into permanent hearing loss.

Zorro-Locked Nucleic Acid fights back genetic diseases

Be it Huntington’s disease or congenital glaucoma, Zorro-Locked Nucleic Acid fights back genetic diseases in an out and out manner. It’s believed that the strands of Zorro LNA get stuck onto the strands of the defective DNA gene that is responsible for the presence of different types of genetic diseases in people. Zorro LNA readily deactivates the genes that may have led to the onset of genetic diseases at a later stage in life. Zorro-Locked Nucleic Acid has received an approval and can therefore be found added in the medicinal preparations that contain RNA interference element too.

Prevent the onset of hereditary hypertension with an antioxidant diet

The term ‘Antioxidant Diet’ seems restraining and troublesome to many patients who are under the impression that all diet regimes are bound to be boring and bland. However, an antioxidant diet that is filled with delectable recipes like a dark chocolate bikkie (made with the use of sugar substitute) or mocktails that is enriched with dainty fruit flavours. It’s such a perfect and delectable way of preventing the onset of hereditary hypertension with an antioxidant diet. This diet regime improves the elasticity quotient of the arteries that supply blood to various organs of our body and therefore encourages the flow of blood through them in a smooth manner.

Dark Chocolate assuages Hypertension symptoms

Are you fond of dark chocolates? Well then ….maybe you very lucky to own such a fondness because dark chocolate minimizes the onset of any hypertension symptoms in body to a major extent. Dark chocolate contains an essential compound flavanol. Flavanol bears the property of dilating the blood vessels that supply various organs of our body. The dilated blood vessels render more space for the flow of blood through it and therefore reduce the blood’s pressure. Diminution in the pressure quotient of the blood assuages hypertension symptoms. well then ……….what are you waiting for, just go to the nearby grocery store a buy the latest nip of dark chocolate!