Avoid developing diabetes by Breastfeeding

The new mothers who do not feed their young ones even for a month’s time bear the likelihood of developing Type II Diabetes. After conducting studies on the group of subjects who breastfed for less than a month and on the subjects who never breastfed their babies, a higher incidence of diabetes was noted in the mothers who never breastfed their babies. Dr. Eleanor Schwarz who performed these studies explained the onset of Type II Diabetes with the fact that initiation of secretion of milk by the mammary glands marks the process that is featured by the increased sensitivity to insulin.

Can Placebo enhance the quality of Sex Life?

Psychologists at the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas and the University of Texas have come up with a new fact that sugary fake pills (also known as placebos) are capable of bettering the sex life of people. After performing research on a group of 35-55 year olds, the results showed that the subjects reported an improvement in their sex lives after they routinely consumed the ‘Tadalafil’ drug (which was actually a placebo). The psychiatrists held the desire of humans to come upto the desirable levels as a factor that could have helped them unconsciously as most of the subjects were enthusiastic and willing to change their sexual behavior.

Why introspective ability is different for everyone?

Not all of us are able to weigh the pros and cons of our every decision in an accurate manner. The introspective ability of a person plays a key role in helping people make choices. Nevertheless, this attribute may not be present in equal amounts in all the individuals and the people who have deficient proportions of this ability usually suffer with schizophrenia. The amount of gray matter present in the prefrontal region of brain is directly proportional to the level of introspective ability. This asset helps people in making more accurate decisions.

Gene prefigures Alzheimer’s progress

Imagine just a single letter of the DNA code can change your traits and in a way your destiny. The recent researches performed by the researchers at the Washington University in St. Louis confirmed the fact that it’s actually the protein ‘Tau’ that is deposited in the brains of the Alzheimer’s patients that is responsible for the onset of this forgetful condition. In normal people this tau protein undergoes metabolism when the gene coding is proper. The effects of various nervous system drugs were then studies on the gene variant that causes Alzheimer’s in people and the ones that were found to interfere with the gene coding are now being looked forward to as drugs that can stall the progression of this forgetful condition.

Hypertensive females should avoid pregnancy

Recent studies performed on the health status of expectant mother who suffered with a problem of hypertension were detected with many issues that gave way to serious consequences at the time of delivery. The commonest issue that hypertension may give rise to at the time of pregnancy is of Preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a condition that affects the placenta (sac of the baby) in a major way. this symptom would most likely exhibit itself in the form of improper functioning of many organs of the body at the same time.it is therefore advised to control and maintain the blood pressure limits within the normal range at the time of pregnancy.

Are best weight loss pills more harmful than useful?

The one possible negative effect that has been recently detected in weight loss pills has surely outweighed the short-term assurance of speedy weight loss. The catch is concerned with the undermined condition of heart. Even the reputed weight loss pills that are being used for years by obese people bear the potential of inducing damage into the valves of the heart that indirectly affects the normal amount of blood’s inflow and outflow from the heart. The incidence rate of heart attacks was found at a higher end in people who had been consuming weight loss pills from a long time.

Washing hands is not enough to stop the spread of diseases

Maybe you just washed your hand with the best hand sanitizer, but if you didn’t wipe them properly, then maybe you still at a risk of developing a communicable disease. There are many people who have the habit of wiping of their hands with the clothes which serves as a contributing factor to the spread of the disease. Our body gathers up all sorts commensals through the day and every time one wipes his/her hands on them the sanitizing effect of even the best hand sanitizer fails.

Crucial info on Antibiotic element of insect brains

A research performed by group of scientists at University of Nottingham states that there a total of nine different molecules in an insect’s brain tissues that induced a toxic reaction into the bacteria. E. coli, the most resistant bacteria to all the current range of antibiotics also showed sensitivity to the antibiotic molecules that were extracted from the brains of the insects.

Genetic linkage of Ovarian Cancer

ARID1A is a gene mutation that is responsible for the condition of endometriosis at birth and for ovarian cancer any stage of life. Endometriosis is condition that related with the abnormal shape-up of uterus. As a result the cells that are supposed to grow inside the uterus grow outside it and give rise to the ovarian cancer. The two types of ovarian cancer that develop due to the presence of ARID1A gene mutation are ovarian clear-cell carcinomas and endometrioid carcinomas.

Ease off the pain of Sickle Cell Disease

Cannabinoids, these are the compounds that are suggested by the researchers of University of Minnesota. sickle cell disease is a red blood cell disorder that is present in people right from their birth, and therefore the musculoskeletal pain that is one of the symptoms of this disorder are also present from the birth. Cannabinoids forestall the transmission of the pain sensations to the brain and therefore offer relief to the people who suffer with sickle cell disease by easing off the musculoskeletal pain.