Adverse effects of Anaesthetics on kids

Be it plastic or medicinal form of surgery that might be implicated for kids, there are chances of them to develop some sort of brain damage during the surgical procedures because of the anaesthetics that are used. The developmental form of brain damage might not get prominently exhibited in the childhood stage but it does get exhibited in the form of developmental and behavioural disorders at a later stage in life. It seems that the molecules of the anaesthetics penetrate the brain in its developing stage and get incorporated into them permanently.

Scientifically manufactured model tricks bacteria

Staphylococcus aureus – This is the bacterium that is responsible for the death of patients in the hospital more than the people who are suffering with AIDS. A team of scientists at the Yale University have developed a scientific version of the cell wall of Staphylococcus aureus with elements like biotin, fluorescein and azide. As a result the harmful bacterium gets tricked and it induces its proteinaceous secretions into the artificially prepared cell wall and therefore the human cells get saved.

Prevent the onset of Gallstone Disease with coffee

Surveys performed on the people who had a parental link to gallstone diseases suggest that the people who drank caffeinated coffee were safer than the ones who drank the decaffeinated one. There are many components of coffee that contribute in incrementing the flow of bile through the gallbladder and these are the ones that can be held responsible for decreasing the absorption of gallbladder fluid. These inhibitory actions promoted by caffeine and other components of coffee that prevent the development of gallstone disease in a person.

Are Muscle Stem Cells useful for treating dystrophies?

The recent revelations of stem cells in the treatment of various diseases in problems have seriously promoted their usage in the treatment of muscular dystrophies too. In the case of an injury the cells of muscles get inflamed, the new muscles that are supposed to develop from the muscle stem cells are supposed to take over the functioning of the muscle. In the case of muscular dystrophies the new muscle stem cells are unable to grow and take over the functioning of the muscle. By inducing muscle stem cells into the body, the scientists have succeeded in covering up this incapability of the muscle cells.

Yoga bears positive upshots on the stress levels of cancer patients

The recent studies that were performed on the paediatric patients who were suffering with some form of cancer suggested that yoga is an internal therapy procedure that is capable of diminishing the stress levels of the cancer patients. The assuaging potential of yoga can be experienced in the symptoms of fatigue, insomnia, mood, and stress. Mainly, it were the teenagers were affected with some sort of cancer who exhibited the most notable results.

Malaria parasite finds a new pathway to set into the humans

While investigating the new techniques to cure malaria the scientist was able to detect a new pathway that malarial parasite has adopted to set into humans. The malarial parasite has now started invading red blood cells in a different manner by binding to the Complement Receptor 1 (CR1) of blood cells instead of binding to the glycophorins. The researchers are now on their way to develop a vaccine that would be able to block this new pathway of malarial parasite.

Delirious usage of Antibiotics

The recent surveys performed on the treatments of the respiratory tract infections patients reveal the fact that doctors have been prescribing antibiotics in excessive dosages. the excess amount of antibiotics in the treatment not only help the bacteria in becoming resistant to the effects of antibiotics but also affect the functioning o body parts like liver and stomach.

Clutch the hand to ease off pain

Though this is a response that many of us can notice even when the kids are having pain in the dentist’s chair, the fact has been realized by the recent scientific studies that claim that a person’s feeling of pain can be actually eased off by clutching his/her hand. This fact is applicable for self-touch too. So, if you get hurt or are feeling pain during any procedure you can clutch your hand to relive the acute pain. scientist explain this fact by stating that it is not just the signals to the brain that are important for feeling the pain but also the way in which the signals are interpreted by the brain.

Elate the mood of Hospitalized Patients with Vitamin C

It’s obvious for a person who is hospitalized to grow bored of being in just a room all day. The recent tests performed on the emotional state of the patients in the hospital revealed the fact that when they are given supplements that are rich In Vitamin C for approx. a week they do show some improvements in the way they behave. The deficiency of this vitamin has been constantly linked up with the psychological abnormalities. The food stuffs that are high in Vitamin C are Acerola berry, Babaco, Barbados Cherry and Blackcurrant.

Are genes responsible for migraines?

Sure they are! The recent studies performed on the causes that led to the onset of, migraines have come up with the fact that there are genes that interfere with the production of proteins in the body and therefore lower the threshold of sensitivity of pain in a person. Some of the commonest symptoms that are experienced by a person when migraine strikes are blind spots, zigzag lines, and flashing lights. The culprit gene’s name is KCNK18 gene that inhibits the production of TRESK protein that is responsible for regulating the threshold of sensitivity of pain in a person.