Does alcohol help kidney patients?

Sure it does, but when consumed in moderate amounts. A study performed on the subjects who underwent a kidney transplant showed that patients who abstained from consuming alcohol were more liable to develop diabetes than the moderate alcohol drinkers. The medical history and recovery rate of these patients were followed up for seven years after the transplant surgery. So, it was finally concluded that the common advice which is given tot he patients about abstaining from the intake of alcohol should be converted to moderate intake of alcohol which would in turn protect him/her against diabetes.

How E.Coli leads to hypertension, cardiac issues and kidney problems?

E.Coli or Escherichia coli has been indicated as the prime infection source that gives way to the onset of various unhealthy conditions that are related with the heart, kidneys and blood pressure. The commonest source of entry of this bacterium into the body is contaminated food or water. As per the surveys that were performed on the individuals who developed gastroenteritis at some point in their life, the subjects were found to be containing E.Coli in their system. It is for this reason that the people who suffer with gastroenteritis develop the symptoms of hypertension and renal impairment.

Correlation between heart strokes and dental surgeries

Periodontal issue is the commonest issue that can be related with teeth nowadays. This issue can be resolved with the help pf long-term as well as short-term procedures. The short tern procedures that are adopted for treating periodontitis are gingivectomy and gingivoplasty. Recent studies indicate that the short-term procedures are capable of giving way to seepage of the bacteria from the infection site into the bloodstream. This form of seepage ultimately results in the inflammation of vessels, which in turn reduces the salubriousness of heart.

Onset of Systemic lupus erythematosus related with Genes

Genes are the constituents of the long chains of DNA that are capable of varying from one person to another. One such variation in a gene on the X chromosome is capable of giving to an exaggerated immune response in men. The only reason why Systemic lupus erythematosus has been found in a lesser frequency in males is that the X chromosome is found in a suppressive mode in males. However, in cases wherein Systemic lupus erythematosus has been discovered in men it was found with much higher level of grievousness.

Hazardous component of beverages – caffeine

Oftentimes, we have heard that the caffeine component added to t he beverages is capable of developing a form of addiction in the people for that beverage. It is for this reason that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has strictly proscribed the manufacturers of malted alcoholic drinks to completely refrain from the inclusion of caffeine in any form into them. It seems that the alcoholic beverages when mixed with caffeine are capable of giving rise to a toxin that could affect the nerves of a drinker tremendously.

Genetic proteins give way to dementia

From a long time, dementia was believed to have a genetic origin. The researches performed at the Mayo Clinic campus in Florida have finally proved that two genetic proteins – Progranulin and Sortilin that perform different kinds of functions in various organs are responsible for the healthier functioning of the brain. When the genes producing the aforementioned genetic proteins are defective, a degraded level of brain functioning can be noticed in the affected people, as these genetic proteins are actually important for aliveness of brain neurons.

Right treatment timing alleviates Osteoporosis symptoms in a more optimal manner

Our bones undergo a remodeling process on a constant basis. During the remodeling procedure, the old bone structure undergoes resorption and a new bone gets laid down in its place by the bone forming cells or osteoblasts. In the condition of osteoporosis, bones tend to become porous due to the drastic difference between the rates at which bone gets resorbed and laid down. Osteoporosis symptoms like joint pains, and “band-like” pain in the vertebral region can be subsided as soon as they set in with the administration of PTH or parathyroid hormone in the initial stages of the onset so that the aggressive resorption of bone can arrested in due time.

Egg – A Big ‘No’ for Heart Patients

Most of us are aware of the cholesterol contained in the yolk of eggs. On an average basis each egg’s yolk comprises of 215 to 275 mg of cholesterol. Patients who suffer with some or the other form of heart disease are supposed to restrict their daily cholesterol intake to 200 mg. So, even if they consume one egg in a day along with some low carb foodstuffs, they would actually be pushing their daily carbohydrate intake limits.

Crucial info on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Though most of the pregnant females are aware of the fact that alcohol is not good for the health of the baby, many of them are completely unaware of the attributes of fetal alcohol syndrome. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a condition that encloses a wide range of fetal abnormalities that exhibit themselves in the form of distorted physical features, heart abnormalities, vision problems etc. in the later life of a baby. So, if you are an addict of alcoholism, then maybe you should consider the thought of undergoing a rehabilitation treatment to reduce the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome in the baby.

Get rid of drug and alcohol addictions with ease

Recently many researches have been performed on the useful compounds that are capable of suppressing the functioning of acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) subtype (alpha) 3(Beta) 4 receptors which are the receptors that are responsible for incrementing the brain’s sensitivity to drugs and alcohol. The studies suggest that these compounds are actually capable of helping people in getting rid of their addictions for delirious habits like drugging and alcoholism in an easy manner. With the suppression of nAChRs, this form of therapy would be promptly taking off for good responses from the end of patients in the future who have been longing to get rid of such addictions in a much easier manner.