Maintenance of oral hygiene in Babies pays off in future

ECC or early childhood caries are the carious lesions that can be witnessed among toddlers and the kids below the age of 5. Though many parents can be found ignoring the presence of ECC, the truth is that the presence of caries even in the temporary set of teeth can affect frequency of carious lesions in the next or permanent set of teeth. The preliminary presence of the community of causative bacteria before the eruption of permanent set of teeth increments in the gums promotes the chances of caries development in the gums of the kids. It is therefore recommendable to opt for preventive measures for caries development in the teeth of babies to prevent the setting in of ECC or early childhood caries and future caries.

Watching TV shortens lifespan

There are numerous factors that can contribute to the incidence of heart attack or stroke. The recent one that has got added to this list is of watching TV. Watching TV adds desuetude to a person’s lifestyle and therefore makes him/her a couch potato. A compromised and sedentary lifestyle gives way to ailments like cardiovascular diseases, back problems, and obesity. The long-term presence of these ailments reduces the life expectancy of the TV viewers to a major extent.

Early-Morning Smokers more prone to developing Lung, Head, and Neck Cancers

While most of us are aware of the fact that the frequency of smoking can be related with the chances of occurrence of lung cancer, the recent studies state that even the timing of fag can be a factor that augments the chances of development of lung, head and neck cancers. According to the study, chronic smokers who smoke within 30 minutes of waking up are more prone to developing aforementioned types of cancers than the smokers who smoke after an hour of waking up. Researchers found higher levels of nicotine in the bodies of cancer-prone smokers. Treatment modalities like targeted smoking cessation programs can be of tremendous use in helping these smokers to quit this nocent habit.

Lesser cavities assurance by sugar-free lollipops

A recent breakthrough in paediatric dentistry assures the kids of forefending the development of cavities by having sugar-free lollipops that contain liquorice root extract. a surveyed study performed in many parts of the world revealed that significant reduction in the incidence of caries was observed in the high-risk groups (kids/people who are prone to developing cavities despite of good oral hygiene maintenance) within a time span of three weeks. According to the researchers, sugar-free lollipops that contain liquorice root extract suppress the growth and multiplication of Streptococcus mutans and are therefore the key to effectual dental caries prevention.

Norovirus threat heightened by Hand sanitizers

The striking rise in the use of hand sanitizers can be majorly owed to the comfortability factor. Nevertheless, hand sanitizers have never been effectual enough to replace soap and water and can therefore be responsible for increasing the threat of norovirus. In contrast to soap and water, hand sanitizers do not wash away the bacteria and virus but suppress their activeness state in the hands. It’s for this reason that the incidences of norovirus outbreaks have been witnessed with a higher frequency in care homes.

Sleep Apnoea might lead to Dementia

Sleep apnoea is a condition that can majorly lower the level of oxygen in the body while it is in a subconscious state. Lack of oxygen supply to the brain cells over a long term can lead to cognitive impairment and dementia. The detrimental effect of sleep apnoea on brain can be noted over a time span of 4-5 years. These changes were found with a higher frequency in women. Researchers suggest that oxygen therapy can be a suitable solution for putting an end to this problem.

Lentiviral vector anticipated for decimating HIV

HIV is a virus that has been haunting many immunocompromised patients for a decade. After the failed efforts of developing a drug that could relive its devastating effects, finally the lentiviral vector has come up with an assuring effect. It is believed that lentiviral vector attaches itself onto the surface of cells that have been infected with HIV and therefore marks them for the effectual drugs. In this way, Lentiviral vector enhances the precision of anti-viral drugs against HIV cells.

Breakthrough in Infertility research made possible with Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells

Infertility research has reached new heights with the successful conversion of mouse embryonic stem cells to human sperm cells. With the use of advanced equipments, mouse embryonic stem cells are converted into PGCs (primordial germ cells) which are further converted into male sperm cells. Scientists claim that the similar results can be obtained with the pluripotent stem cells that have been derived from adult skin cells too. This advanced step in infertility research would pull through the impotency patients from the side effects of hormonal therapy.

Crucial facts about Nuclear stress test

As the name suggests, this test is performed to calculate the effect of stress on various organs of the body especially heart. The test involves the intravenous administration of a radioactive tracer that records the pace with which blood flows in and out of your heart. This test can forestall the onset of many cardiac diseases that are induced by overwork and stress of everyday life. Nuclear stress test can be used for assessing the efficaciousness of heart medications too.

Starved Brain Cells responsible for failing Diet Plans

Weight loss seems like an unimaginable goal to achieve when we have failed to observe weight loss diet plans several times. Nevertheless a recent study charges the hunger-inducing neurons of the brain for triggering the cellular process of autophagy. Autophagy is a degrading process that gets triggered when the cells encounter the phase of starvation. The hunger signal is potentially boosted by agouti-related peptide (AgRP) neurons in the hypothalamus of brain which are also responsible for increasing the level of fatty acids in the body. Grounded on this study, researchers continue to emphasize on the option of working out for shedding the extra pounds.