Growth hormone ensures joint growth in obese women

According to a study performed on premenopausal, obese women at the Massachusetts General Hospital, women can expect some amount of bone growth in joints after reaching menopause. Growth hormone can be an essential element for the maintenance of healthy joints. Overweight women are the target of reduced growth hormone levels. After following a strict growth hormone regime, the bone marrows of women were examined with MR spectroscopy. The examination results showed positive results in the form of increased bone formation, bone marrow fat, and muscle mass.

Dyslexia symptoms worsened by background noise

Though the etiology of the rapidly spreading dyslexia disorder remains unidentified, researchers have managed to detect the factors that augment the symptoms of dyslexia. The difficulty experienced in reading in the patients has been found linked with redundant noise quotient in a situation’s background. A comparative study performed at the University of Southern California states that poor dyslexic patients performed more badly in reading sessions in the presence of high levels of background noise. The presence of external noise majorly diminishes the capability of a person to read the letters appropriately.

Cardiac stems cells insure a long lifespan for Heart

Over the years heart failure has become a more common cause of death globally than cancer. The recent trial performed on human heart with stem cells for recovering the salubrious state of heart has given way to promising results. Cardiac stem cells have been proven as a potential treatment for the cardiac patients with mild loss of cardiac function. Cardiac stem cells treatment exhibits poor prognosis in patients who suffer with ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Ensure Good Brains with Meditation

Meditation can help people in coping with many issues of health and many unhealthy habits like smoking. Nevertheless, the recent brain imaging studies performed at the Yale University reveal that meditation can actually turn off the sections of brain that trigger daydreaming, anxiety, and schizophrenia. This section of brain is known as ‘default mode network’ and comprises of medial prefrontal and posterior cingulate cortex. The fMRI scans performed on people who meditate on a regular basis.

Virus linked with development of salivary gland cancer revealed

Oftentimes, salivary gland obstructions and infections are the unhealthy conditions that are implicated as the commonest aetiologies for salivary gland cancers. Nevertheless, further investigations performed on the role of genetics and viruses in the development of such carcinomas reveal that cytomegalovirus (CMV) is capable of triggering carcinomatous changes in healthy cells of the body. Cytomegalovirus is an oncovirus that can majorly harm the immune system of a person. The most common salivary gland cancer that is believed to be initiated by CMV is mucoepidermoid carcinoma.

Fibromyalgia risk linked with disturbed sleeping pattern

According to a decade long study performed at the American College of Rheumatology, the possibleness of development of fibromyalgia (commonly encountered in women) is directly linked with the presence and degree of sleeping problem. The predilection of this syndrome has been witnessed with a higher frequency in women of middle age who experience excessive fatigue and insomnia in their daily lives. The only treatment that has been suggested for controlling this situation is of early detection and adoption of appropriate measures for correcting the sleep problems.

Obesity might pave way for periodontal problems

An intensive study performed on the RNA extracted from the gingival biopsy samples revealed a strong link between obesity and periodontal problems. The subjects who were included in this study were obese and non-obese individuals who were with and without the presence of a periodontal disease. After a slight modification in the microRNA species, it was concluded that miRNA that are induced by chronic nutritional stress give way to obesity and inflammatory changes in periodontal tissues.

How safe are Birth Control Pills?

Birth control pills can actually pave a way for the development of venous thromboembolisms. Therefore, birth control pills can be more harmful for the women who suffer with some sort of clotting disorder. Birth control pills contain levonorgestrel which tends to induce other side effects too like acne and body-hair growth. In fact some birth control pills that contain drospirenone can induce premenstrual dysphoric disorder when used for a long time.

Brain cells might be able to regulate blood sugar level

Intensive research performed at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University has paved way for a new finding that brains might actually be capable of regulating blood sugar levels of the body. Brain is the prime body organ that demands maximum supply of glucose. The hypothalamus region of brain is sensitive to the stimulation of potassium channels and therefore signals the liver cells for dampening the production of glucose. Many brain medications like diazoxide tend to activate the potassium channels and therefore regulate the production of glucose through liver.

Age-related disorders ceased by controlling the quality of cells

Lately, many researches have been directed towards revealing the mechanisms that are responsible for aging process. It is believed that accumulation of stagnant cells that neither undergo division nor die could be responsible for the onset of age-related disorders and disabilities. This stage in the lifetime of a cell is known as cellular senescence. These cells tend to damage the adjoining cells by releasing inflammatory secretions. The accumulation of senescent cells lowers the functioning levels of various organs and therefore paves way for the onset of age-related disorders and disabilities. Researchers at Mayo Clinic are now working towards developing a methodology that eliminates these cells and therefore prevents its accumulation in the body.