High Prenatal testosterone levels give way to language problem

A plausible linkage between the presence of high testosterone hormone level in umbilical cord blood and fetal brain growth was witnessed during a research performed at the University of Western Australia. Nevertheless, a contrasting response was witnessed in female fetuses. For instance, high-end testosterone levels in umbilical cord blood were found to be associated with a decreased risk of language development issue. Therefore, language development issue in men can be routed towards the excess exposure to testosterone hormone during their prenatal evolution.

Long term stress leads to anxiety disorders and depression

Recent studies based on the effect of stress on brain lobes suggest that frequent exposure to stress inducing factors can possibly lead to anxiety disorders and depression. Corticotropin-releasing hormone is an essential endocrinal secretion that is released by the neurons of the brain when a stressful situation is encountered by a person. Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) is considered as a major controller of the “fight-or-flight” response to stress which means that it determines the concluding outcome of a stressful situation.

Swimming answers BP control call for elderlies

Swimming can be one of the best workouts for elderlies who wish to keep their high-end BP readings under control without undergoing tremendous stress. Swimming is an exercise that can be performed with ease by sedentary people of all ages. a 12-weeks’ research performed on a group of subjects at the University of Texas revealed that hypertensive people who were off the antihypertensive medication and were over 50 can expect a drastic diminution of BP levels by opting for a regular swimming routine. Swimming reduces the stiffness of blood vessels and therefore enhances the more fluent flow of blood through them.

Can gossiping be a healthy habit?

According to a new research performed at the University of California Berkeley, gossip can be a useful weapon against stress, behavioural issues, and exploitation. While observing the effect of gossiping on heart rates, it was noticed that heart rate appears to increase when a gossip is being heard and came back to normal when the same info was passed onto some other person. To conclude, gossip does own a reputation in our society but it can actually be relied on for the maintenance of social order in a community.

Teenagers with a long term family history of Alcoholism behave abnormally

Recent studies performed on the behavioral aspects of teenagers revealed that adolescents who had a background of alcoholism running in their family were more prone to developing alcohol use disorders. MRI scan findings showed that brain responses in the prefrontal cortex and cerebellum of teenagers with a long term family history of alcoholism were weaker than the ones of normal peers. Some of the other contributory factors that lead to abnormal brain response in teenagers are depression, culture, gender, age etc.

Multi-coloured plates turn picky eaters into fond eaters

According to a study performed at Cornell University, picky eaters can be actually turned into fond eaters by simply adding multiple colours to plates. The base colours of plate make food visually very appealing. The appealingness of dish can be further complimented by the rendering a suitable shape, size to the ingredients and by working on the serving style of the food.

Irisin facilitates weight loss regime

Irisin – a new innovation in the field of endocrinology has amazed scientists from across the globe with its energy-expending property. Irisin is hormone that replicates the effect of exercise on the muscles. Exercise produces PGC1-alpha compound in muscles that converts the stubborn ‘white fat’ into ‘brown fat’. This fat conversion process makes it easier for a person to lose extra flab. It is believed that after further research, irisin may prospectively help in treating diabetes too.

Dried licorice root takes care of aggressive periodontitis

According to a recent study, periodontitis has been one of the prime causes of premature tooth loss. Dried licorice root is a medicinal, herbal alternative that contains the essential components namely licoricidin and licorisoflavan A which strike down the bacteria responsible for initiating tooth decay and periodontitis. Nevertheless, one should be mindful of the drug interactions licorice root might go through when consumed along with prescription drugs. Dried licorice root can be used as a prophylactic tool for preventing the onset of plausible gum disease.

Heart breaks could be an inciter for heart attack

In addition to the detrimental lifestyle factors, heart break is one more factor that augments the risk of a heart attack. For instance, if a person has lost someone special, the dear ones should make sure that any of the medications that the sufferer is following should be maintained rigorously. Precisely termed as the broken heart syndrome, this condition features a lot of psychological stress that is burdensome enough to raise the heart rate, and blood pressure of normal individuals. The risk quotient remains towards the higher end during the first week after the reception of a heart-breaking news.

Parental Smoking poses health harm for minors

Yet another news confirming the deliriousness of tobacco states that parental smoking can be the one that affirms it as a major cause of vascular damage in kids. 5 year follow-up study based on the ultrasonography reports showed that kids with mothers who smoked during pregnancy exhibited 15% more stiffness and thickening in the arteries that supplied the heart. Tobacco smoke was found to be more harmful than the chemical exposure to fumes, brake pad dust, house paint etc. This study clearly indicates the significance of smoking cessation.