Avoid Urinary Infection By Maintaining Personal Hygiene And Clean Habits

The people get infection from pollution, water related virus and also by not maintaining personal hygiene. The gents or ladies must have clean habits so that they can avoid many urine related problems. The pregnant ladies must clean their birth parts before and after they pass urine with warm water. They must use the antiseptic liquid in the water before they take for use. It is better to rinse the inner garments in the water that is mixed with the anti septic liquid or lotion according to the required level. The people should maintain the bathroom clean and hygienic always and should pour the anti septic lotions and liquid on the whole surface in bathrooms almost all day. Then only the germs could not affect the bathroom users and they would be relieved from any of the diseases due to the urinary infection in the urinary track. The infants should not be kept in the wet place after they pass urine in the bed. Their diapers should be removed and the suitable baby powder to be applied on their buttocks after wiping the area cleanly. The school children would not wait long time in their class room and they cold urinate in the class room itself. The other children playing nearby could easily get urinary infection because of the virus and germs in the discharged urine on the place. The care takers should take the kids now and then to the toilet after asking the children whether they want to pass urine immediately. This could help to prevent urinary infection to all the kids in the day care center. The patients should also make their children to pass urine and finish motion activities before they are dressing the children for the day care centers.


The old age people who are bedridden would easily be affected with the urinary infection as they could not go to the bathroom to pass urine or toilet.  The servants or nurses should take up the filled urine container immediately and empty the can in bathroom. They should wash the can with antiseptic lotion or soap water and bring back the container next to the bed side of the old age people. The people should drink purified water always. If they drink normal water then it is better to boil the raw water and to drink it to avoid any of the urinary infection in their bodies. The hot water kills all the germs in the raw water and the persons are avoiding the urinary infection in their bodies.