Learning About Urine Test Strips

Urine test strips are akin to small chemical-laced strips that change color on being dipped into urine samples. The immersion of strips is required for merely 1 to 2 minutes and the results of the urine test start appearing on the strip. These strips are widely used by individuals to testing several problems that start reflecting in the urine, like levels of glucose and ketones; presence of bilirubin and urobilinogen in body. Many women use urine test strips for testing the extent of UTI.

Urine test strips

Urine test strips

The urine test strips look like a ribbon and are made up of paper or plastic material. Their width is nearly 5 mm and there are number of zones that are smeared with various chemicals that react with urine and render conclusive results. Various chemicals on reacting with urine produce distinctive colors that are attributed to different problems. The paper test strips are used for determining single reaction, whereas strips having multiple chemical pads can be used for determining multiple results at the same time.

Different kinds of urine test strips are used for varying purposes. While some of the strips help in knowing if infection is present in the body or not, others give more conclusive results in the form of different color intensities that indicate towards severity of the infection. Understandably, lighter and darker colors signify weak and strong infection respectively. The manufacturer of urine test strips provides the color scale that helps on reading the results without any need of any other referential equipment.

Urine test strips help in analyzing and consequently controlling many problems including UTI and diabetes. These strips are very easy and convenient to use as they eliminate the need of going to doctors or pathological labs every now and then, merely for testing of urine for occurrence of infections prevailing in our bodies.


Cream For Eczema For Treatment And Prevention

Atopic dermatitis or eczema is a chronic skin condition that starts either in the early childhood or early adulthood. Eczema tends to be hereditary in many families. A good cream for eczema controls the condition and prevents it from recurring. Usually this condition starts as an itch, and when scratched, becomes a rash and causes eruptions and cracks. This can occur anywhere on the body and can be clearly identified by small red bumps in the early stages. With continued scratching, it can flake or ooze and become worse. The skin becomes dry, leathery if continuous scratching is done. In many people the condition is triggered off by certain elements like food, weather, clothing, dust, etc. Identifying these triggers and eliminating them will give a lot of relief.


Finding a good cream for eczema may take some time, as all creams do not suit everyone. Trying out different creams, and following doctor’s advice is the best way to control the flares and triggers. Prevention of escalated condition is possible by eliminating all the triggers. If the triggers are caused by the environment, avoid irritable clothes like nylon, wool, and other suffocating fabrics that promote sweating. Cotton and other breathable fabrics and loose clothes are good to avoid flare-ups. Avoid sweating as much as possible. Excessive drying during winter months can be avoided by the use of humidifiers.

Use the right cream for eczema based on natural ingredients. If your skin is very sensitive use a sun screen regularly. Food allergies also trigger the flare ups considerably. Identify these allergies and avoid those foods. Scratching should be avoided at all costs. Stay in a hygienic environment free or dust mites and animal dander. Avoid the use of perfumed soaps and detergents. Use moisturizing creams regularly for supple and smooth skin. Use greasy creams instead of lotions for better effect.

Fight The Cause And Not Just The Symptoms Of Urinary infection

Urinary infection is one of the major problems faced by women today. It can affect at any age and become chronic in certain extreme cases. Diagnosing the cause and treating it to end it at the root level will make sure that you are free from the disease completely. There are many symptoms that manifest this condition like the burning sensation while passing urine, frequent urge for urination, low back pain and less formation of urine. When you find yourself suffering from these symptoms, don’t just try to tackle the symptoms. Instead, find the cause and treat it to end the infection causing germs. By tackling the causative germs, you can eliminate them completely and stay away from further infections.


What causes urinary infection?


Bladder or urinary infection occurs when the friendly E.coli bacteria, which are helpful to the gut, stay in the urinary tract and form a biofilm layer. They attach themselves to the wall of the urinary tract and kill the cells. They multiply and increase in number thus infecting certain parts of the excretory system like the bladder. They can multiply further, if there is no intake of antibiotics, and in turn attack the other parts of this system. Infections can occur along the tract like urethra and kidneys.


A doctor consultation is must when you suspect urinary tract infection (UTI) because you see some or all the symptoms. A doctor gives medicines to arrest the growth of bacteria and to eliminate them completely from the urinary tract. Treating just the symptoms and not the cause does not relieve you from the painful condition. Application of creams to decrease the burning, treating the back pain with pain relievers will not kill the bacteria which is causing the infection. Fighting the cause and not the symptoms is necessary.


The best way to fight the bacteria is taking antibiotics. Take the complete course of tablets and do not stop them midway. Not taking the complete course of medicines will result in the bacteria becoming resistant to that particular medicine. Take good food which is devoid of spice and oil. Easily digestible and energetic food is important, when you are taking antibiotics. Good hygiene is very important to arrest the further bacterial attacks.


Water intake in large amounts flushes out the bacteria from the urinary tract. Cranberry juice has an active ingredient, which helps in eliminating the bacteria. Vitamin C tablets and citrus fruits also help in fighting the bacteria. Good food and adequate exercise give you stamina and help you in flushing out the disease-causing bacteria. Take doctors advice to end the cause and not just the symptoms to find relief from this painful infection.

Some Of The Facts Of UTI And Benefits For Women To Have Treatment

When people have some unusual symptoms in the body, they need to check with the physicians. Only some of the diseases have signs and symptoms and it would be easy for people to know about the changes in the body. Urinary tract infection is a disease, which would be with a few of the symptoms, in the beginning stage.

This UTI is connected with urethra, bladder and kidneys. The tract infection is caused by pathogenic organism and it could be very serious, if not treated. The infection is caused due to fungi, parasites or bacteria and the infection spreads very fast in the body. Generally, women are affected by the infection and this because of the nature of the passage to the bladder.

Men and women have different types of infections that are related with urinary tract. In fact, some of the urinary infections are not treated and they just go unnoticed. When people do not have any changes in the body, they may not be aware of the nature of the infection and in some cases, patients become very critical. Many people are aware that the inflammation in the wall of the bladder is known as cystitis and they immediately visit urologists, when they have symptoms.


People may not understand the real depth of the infections and they may have only a few symptoms, especially, when they are infected with the lower tract infection. Visiting the physician is necessary, when home remedies are not helping have control over urinary infection. When bacteria infect the urethra and bladder, the area becomes inflamed and also, irritated.

Women may come to know about the symptoms, immediately after the infection. They can feel the difference in urinating and they would feel severe pain, during the urination. They need to take water, as much as possible and the water should be consumed, in small quantities. Some of the fruit juices, coffee and alcohol are not good for the persons, who are with UTI and they need to realize this factor.

Though the urinary infection is quite common with women, men are also affected by this infection and they have to take care of the body. Insufficient water and food is the basic reason for the infected bladder and it is better to avoid urinary infections, just by drinking enough water and by eating required quantity of food items. When patients have infection with urinary tract, they should consult urologists, who have specialized in urinary tract infections of all types.

Maintain disciplined habits and avoid urine infection in body

There are many reasons for the people to get urine infection in the body. They would not be able to pass urine if they are get infected with urine infection in their bodies. If the ladies or gents do not pass urine as soon as the urine bladder is filled then the urine bladder is affected with some virus and bacteria that brings harm to the walls of the urine bladder. Thereafter the persons get irritation and pain when they are passing urine. The bladder walls become swelling or lumps due to the urinary infection in the area. The patients would suffer pain, irritation and swelling in the area due to the urine infection in their body. The patients should not prolong long time after start suffering with these symptoms. The delay in meeting the professional would cause severe damage to the urinary track and bladder in the coming period. Some unwanted diseases may also affect the patient by ignoring these symptoms. There are many preventive methods available for the persons to avoid urine infection and to maintain good health. The young children would get this urine infection in their young stage. These children would not be allowed to pass urine while they are in the class rooms. They get scared to ask permission and they pass urine on their cloths in the classroom. They sit on their urine till the school closes. These children would get urine infection easily. Hence the parents should advise them to tell to teachers as soon as they get the feeling or urinating.


Drink adequate water to avoid urine infection in the body

The doctors say that the people should drink adequate waster every day to avoid any diseases. The people get proper digestion if they take two liters of water every day morning. The people get clean appetite after they drink two liters of water in empty stomach. The obesity persons should drink water before they take their usual meals so that their weight is considerably reduced without using any medicines. The pure water is the alternative for many problems. The persons who have urine infection should start drinking the pure water many times a day and in due course of time their urine infection would be completely vanished and they can feel fresh and energetic with the pure body without any infection. The ladies and gents should follow personal hygeine to avoid urine infection in their bodies.

Avoid Urinary Infection By Maintaining Personal Hygiene And Clean Habits

The people get infection from pollution, water related virus and also by not maintaining personal hygiene. The gents or ladies must have clean habits so that they can avoid many urine related problems. The pregnant ladies must clean their birth parts before and after they pass urine with warm water. They must use the antiseptic liquid in the water before they take for use. It is better to rinse the inner garments in the water that is mixed with the anti septic liquid or lotion according to the required level. The people should maintain the bathroom clean and hygienic always and should pour the anti septic lotions and liquid on the whole surface in bathrooms almost all day. Then only the germs could not affect the bathroom users and they would be relieved from any of the diseases due to the urinary infection in the urinary track. The infants should not be kept in the wet place after they pass urine in the bed. Their diapers should be removed and the suitable baby powder to be applied on their buttocks after wiping the area cleanly. The school children would not wait long time in their class room and they cold urinate in the class room itself. The other children playing nearby could easily get urinary infection because of the virus and germs in the discharged urine on the place. The care takers should take the kids now and then to the toilet after asking the children whether they want to pass urine immediately. This could help to prevent urinary infection to all the kids in the day care center. The patients should also make their children to pass urine and finish motion activities before they are dressing the children for the day care centers.


The old age people who are bedridden would easily be affected with the urinary infection as they could not go to the bathroom to pass urine or toilet.  The servants or nurses should take up the filled urine container immediately and empty the can in bathroom. They should wash the can with antiseptic lotion or soap water and bring back the container next to the bed side of the old age people. The people should drink purified water always. If they drink normal water then it is better to boil the raw water and to drink it to avoid any of the urinary infection in their bodies. The hot water kills all the germs in the raw water and the persons are avoiding the urinary infection in their bodies.

How To Handle If The Cancer Recurs After Prostate Treatment?

You know that the prostate cancer has come back if you find the prostate-specific antigen level showing traces of cancer. If this occurs after an initial prostate treatment, then it means that the initial attempt to cure it was not successful and you need further treatment. Follow up treatment usually depends on where the prostate cancer is located and what the earlier treatment was. To get a better idea, CT, bone scans, or MRI may be suggested by the doctor. Usually, if you get to know that the cancer is localized around the prostate, a second attempt to cure is possible. The kind of treatment is decided by the doctor, based on the test results and your history with the condition. In general, repeated radiation therapy may not be advisable, as there could be a few potential side effects.

In the test, if you get to know that the cancer has spread and is seen outside the prostate gland, like the lymph nodes or bones, the doctor might suggest hormone therapy. This is usually the most effective treatment for such cases. Along with this, your doctor might suggest the use of some medicines that help the bones. Prostate cancer is a slow growing cancer and it usually does not cause a lot of problems, even if it recurs. Through hormone therapy, the growth of the cancerous cells can be slowed down. It may also result in the shrinkage of the cancerous cells. However, this therapy cannot be used for long, as many times it is seen that after a particular period, the cancers do not respond to the hormones.


Castrate-resistant cancer is the kind of cancer that grows, despite the hormone therapy. As the body testosterone levels are kept at the minimum, this is called the castrate therapy. This type of cancer may respond to other types of hormone therapy. Hormone-refractory prostate cancer is a type, which is not helped by any form of hormone therapy. This is usually seen in men whose cancer is growing, in spite of the initial prostate treatment. For such patients, there may be other treatment options. An anti-androgen drug may be helpful in such cases. Prostate cancer vaccine is another great option for men, who have no symptoms left from the cancer. Chemotherapy is one option for people who are not responding to the initial hormone therapy. Several new promising medicines are being tested for prostate treatment. These include monoclonal antibodies and some other types of targeted drugs.

Complete Protection For Skin With effectively Working Cream for eczema Products

Protecting the skin part of the body is very important for everybody and it is the major part of the body. If the skin is protected properly, there would be no health disorders for people. At the same time, if the skin is infected, the body is unable to withstand or fight against the germs and invites various health troubles.

Skin infection is a very serious health condition, though it would not be visible in the initial stage. Eczema, which is popular with people as atopic dermatitis, generally affects children. When people are suffering from eczema, the skin is infected and becomes itchy and cracked and reddened.

If the skin gets dried, then, it develops various skin infections and the body loses support from the skin. The skin should always be protected with a Cream for eczema and this is the best way of protecting the skin. The skin would be broken in some areas and cracked. The skin would be extremely dry, during the skin infection, eczema.


The patients of eczema would not have proper sleep during the nights, because of the itchy skin they would have the urge of scratching continuously. The inflamed areas of the skin would be seriously affected with weep and blisters. However, when the special cream is used to cure the infection in the skin, entire area of the skin would become normal and people would feel the difference in progress, as soon as they start using the eczema cream.

When the symptoms are normal with the skin inflammation, it could be cured with the special cream, which is meant for this eczema. However, the seriousness of the infection would be different from person to person. Therefore, patients need to visit the skin specialist, dermatologist, for exact diagnosing the skin disease. Pollen and house mites are some of the allergens and they infect the skin seriously enough to case troubles to the skin.

When the environment factors are not up to the required standard, the skin could be infected with the eczema. Of course, in recent years, many companies are producing the most effective Cream for eczema products and they are available with all leading online medical stores. Though no medical prescription is necessary to buy some of the creams, which are specifically for eczema, it is better to have consultation with the skin specialist, dermatologist, before using the creams to cure skin infections.

What Expert Aromatherapists Say About Oregano Oil?

Natural cure or treatment is preferred by all and from old times, the oregano oil is known for its natural benefits to health. Even, the kind of oil has got importance in the earlier times to treat heart and lung diseases.


In the present times where a number of products and remedies exist, the oregano oil is still popular as a great option of natural remedies with antibiotic and antiseptic effect. If we talk about researches and studies, they say that the oil is equally efficient remedy against modern antibiotics and other options of medicines.


About expert aromatherapists, they suggest to not use the oil normally as it can irritate the mucous membranes as well as the skin. The fact is the product comes with negative and positive effects and it is mandatory that one should consult a doctor or aromatherapist before employing it for medicinal purposes.


Other than side effects, the experts also believe that the oil is best considered for health remedies for its antifungal and antibacterial qualities. Fungi can cause much severe infection if not taken proper care of. Aspergillus, Penicillium and Candida are three most common fungi that can be killed easily through it. About bacteria, easily one can get rid of common forms of bacteria like Pseudomonas and Salmonella and Listeria through it.


Apart from being antibacterial and antifungal, the oregano oil comes with an extraordinary quality of emmenagogue action. This is the action which is meant to promote menstruation in women who are suffering from delayed period. But, experts suggest to not use during pregnancy as using it can cause certain complications.


About some common problems, the aromatherapists consider the use of products to get rid of common illnesses like irritated skin or itchy skin. With the use of several drops, one can say no to itchy skin. In case, one has a sensitive skin, it can be diluted with olive or other kind of oil before applying to the affected area.


Pimples and acne are very common in teenagers nowadays. Simply,adding few drops of oregano oil in the quality face cleaner or pack can offer great results.


One important concern related to its use is to avoid its oral use without consulting any doctor or aromatherapist. It is important to prepare a proper and guided dose for oral care.


Hence, it can be said that the kind of oil has a lot of qualities and can offer great results until and unless their proper dose and proper way of usage is followed.

The advanced uses of oregano oil: healing properties

In this twenty first century, although human civilization has become too much advanced but it could be said to be the lacuna of time that sicknesses and ailments are growing on a high note. In the present times the impact of staying natural are hugely immense. This is the reason why people all over the world are using oregano oil, as it is learnt to contain the very basic and fundamental properties of healing a host of diseases.

It is saddening to learn that though being so rich in its effectiveness for various medical diseases, a large proportion of human population stays completely unaware of it.

This oregano oil is a very effective and targeted agent that works very well as an anti microbial component. The basic property of oregano oil is that it has the tough quality of fighting against a host of pathogens and microbes.

The most effective and useful component that is contained in these oregano oil is Carvacrol. The adequacy and the patentees of any medicine that is suggested for curing up infections and allergies is composed of necessary amount of this very agent that we call carvacrol.


Carvacrol is a very essential component of oregano oil that is mostly found in herbs such as those of thyme, pepperwort and wild bergamot etc. Oregano oil is also used as a taste agent. In many eating hubs and outlets you may find that oregano oil is used largely for adding up to the aroma and taste to the food. Carvacrol in oregano oil is a colorless material usually spicy in taste, and has got a very pleasant and foodie aroma.


The reasons behind the effectiveness of the carvacrol found in the oregano oil are so distinct and so numerous just because, firstly it works tremendously well on its anti- microbial properties, thus preventing infections and allergies in any forms. Carvacrol has very limiting impact on the growth of harmful microbes, thus preventing a large amount of communicable diseases.


Then, the second most founding use of carvacrol is its pain healing properties and its use as an anti -inflammatory. This works drastically well in managing and controlling the sensory signals to our sensory neurons thereby managing pain quite effectively.


Besides carvacrol extracted from the oregano oil is used in flu, influenza, meningitis in neonatal.