Pregnant women diet linked with allergies in babies

An intensive research performed on the diet of pregnant women reveals that the dietary intake is linked with the development of allergies in the foetus. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are an essential component of an expectant mother’s diet. The intake of these fatty acids on a regular basis during the trimesters does improve the immune response of the baby to the foreign particles and bacteria. The oils that are rich in PUFA are fish oil, flaxseed oil and walnut oil. N-3PUFAs are a more specific group of fatty acids that play a major role in the development of baby’s gut and its immune status by triggering the release of antibodies. N-3PUFAs are responsible for the optimum maturation of the central nervous system of a baby too.

It’s the Offender birch pollen that gives rise to allergies is and not peanut butter

We can often find people stating, “I am allergic to peanut butter!” whereas in real it’s actually the offender birch pollen that gives rise to allergies is and not peanut butter. Peanut contains Ara h 8 protien that is also found in birch pollen. It is therefore advisable for the patients to opt for an allergen component testing along with the routine allergy test such as the prick test.