New variant of Stem cell boosts Blood Cell Production

An advanced technique introduced as a part of the stem cell research has possibilitated the generation of blood cells from the stem cells of human body. This advanced step in medical industry is a boon for the people who suffer with diseases of blood cells and/or bone marrow dysfunction. the commonest diseases that are caused by deficiency of blood cells in today’s times are anaemia, neutropenia and thrombocytopenia. This technique converts ordinary skin cells into induced pluripotential stem cells (iPSCs). iPSCs are further turned into blood-forming ‘hematopoietic’ stem cells (HSCs). HSCs maintain a regular supply of sufficient blood cells and therefore forestall the ingress of many diseases into the body of the patients with an immunocompromised state.

Risk free Bone Marrow Transplant for HIV patients

HIV patients can now breath a sight of relief if they are planning to undergo a bone marrow transplant. An innovative surgery performed in Berlin that is involved the transplantation of bone marrow from a HIV negative to a HIV positive person confirmed that the normal people can unhesitatingly donate their bone marrow without bearing the fear of catching AIDS. The bone marrow that was transplanted from the donor contained stem cells that were capable of stalling the worsening bone-related changes of HIV.

Fatty bone marrow in Anorexics

Surveys performed at the Children’s hospital, Boston on MRI images of bone marrows of Anorexics confirm the fact that bone marrows of this group of people bear a high measure of fatty substance when compared to the amount of fat of a normal human being. According to Dr. Catherine Gordon (Endocrinologist) young women bearing a zero amount of subcutaneous fat bear the chance of accumulation of fatty substance in their bone marrow. Deposition of fatty content in a high proportion in the bone marrow bears a direct effect on the growth potential of the bones. Bones of legs face a severe retardation in their growth phase due to the hormonal alterations induced by the anorexia nervosa.