Fish oil supplements harden tumours against chemotherapy

Chemotherapy drugs can assure a major relief in cancerous conditions especially when they are in the advanced stage. Intake of fish oil supplements can obstruct the medicinal benefits extended by chemotherapeutic drugs. It is believed that the fatty acids contained in these supplements make the cancerous growths resistant to chemotherapy and therefore lessen the chances of recovery. The 2 fatty acids have been found in fish oil have been collectively named as PIFAs (platinum-induced fatty acids).

Ancient Chinese Herbal Remedy boosts Chemotherapy

A new study performed at the Yale University in the US revealed that an ancient Chinese herbal remedy bears the potency of boosting the anti-cancerous potential of Chemotherapy. This acclaimed Chinese herbal remedy comprises of 4 herbs. The two most prominent herbs of this composition that are majorly responsible for enhancing the chemotherapeutic effect of drugs are Phellodrendon & Terrapin. This herbal remedy promotes the formation of new cells of any organ where the cancerous growth is taking place and therefore improves the overall salubrious state of the organ.

Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy jointly shine a hope for Cervical Cancer patients

The radiotherapeutic effects calculated by the researchers indicate that Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy can produce better results and increment the success rate of curing the Cervical Cancer patients when they are used simultaneously. This fact also held true for the diminished recurrence race of cervical cancer in patients. Cisplatin – the commonest chemotherapeutic drug used for curing cervical that was used in conjunction with the regular radiotherapeutic sessions in many subjects incremented the survival rates of people suffering with cervical cancer by 23%.