Dental x-rays – Potent triggering factor for brain tumours

A recent study confirms that most of the benign brain tumours are linked with dental x-rays. Majorly, all the meningioma cases were discovered in the patients who were frequently exposed to dental x-rays and the usual signs of brain tumour that were witnessed in them were headaches and vision problems were noticed. Among the wide varieties of dental x-rays it were the bitewing x-rays that were implicated as the prime entity behind the oncoming of carcinomatous changes in brain. Higher frequencies of brain tumour incidents were witnessed in younger age group.

Bone Fractures prediction possible with Dental X-Rays

According to a study performed by the researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy, dental x-rays can estimate the odds of developing fractures in other parts of the body. For instance, the sparseness of the bone structure depicted by the dental x-ray of lower jaw is linked with the higher frequency fractures in other parts of the body. Presence of sparse bone structure in the lower jaw in middle aged men as well as women indicates a high-end probability of fractures in other parts of the body.

Dental x-rays exposure may lead to thyroid cancer

Though we all know about the hazardous effects of x-rays from a long time, the recent studies claim that exposure to dental x-rays from time to time can lead to thyroid cancer in many patients. The x rays tend to impair the functioning of thyroid gland cells and therefore give rise to benign and malignant cancerous growths over a period of time.