Fast food might trigger depression

In addition to the most prominent environmental factors, fast food has been indicated as yet another factor that can give way to depression in a human being. An intensive study performed on subjects at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of Granada led to the conclusion that a plausible risk of depression onset can be found more commonly in people who ate fast food on a regular basis or almost everyday. On the other hand, a Mediterranean diet was found to be as a tastier and healthier diet to the junk food diet.

Gut Problems might be linked with depression syndromes

Gut Problems like dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis can actually be linked with depression and anxiety at some or the other stage in life. The crucial nerve that links the gut with brain’s most sensitive areas is vagus nerve. Researchers in America have found out that gastric problems increment the production of stress hormones like corticotrophin-releasing factor (CRF) which in turn increase the sensitivity quotient of a human being to stress.

Impact of depression on immune system

Depression is believed to lower the performance levels of work. However, the recent researches suggest that depression lowers the functioning of the immune system too thereby exposing the body of the subject to an increased chance of developing any form of disease. It is believed that the depression state tends to lowers the production of the active cells involved in the process of fighting back the onset and spread of infectious diseases. In fact, depressive state is capable of giving rise to chronic conditions like asthma, cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, and cancer.

Depression can be a sign of Bipolarity syndrome

Oftentimes we get depressed due to some reason or the other, but then if you have been noticing frequent episodes of depression that are not actually based on some valid reason then maybe it can be a cause of concern. Bipolarity syndrome is marked by the presence of fluctuating moods that go from ‘Hypomania’ or augmented euphoria phase to extremely depressive mood. As per the scientific studies, genes do play a role to some extent in incorporating bipolarity syndrome into a person.

Anaesthetic drug cures Depression

Depression is like an epidemic that is fastly spreading in today’s fast-paced world. However, the recent revelation about the long used anaesthetic drug – Ketamine has brought hope in lives of many people who suffer with some or the other depression disorder. Ketamine redevelops the connection that may have got lost due to stress between neurons or brain cells and brain and therefore nullifies the psychotic symptoms in a depressed subject to a major extent.

Depression is the key factor in development of Schizophrenia

Oftentimes depression has been indicated as a key factor in the incidences of suicide across the globe but at times it can also lead to a condition that may continue with an individual for his/her entire life– Schizophrenia. Nevertheless. Genes too play a role to some extent in extending the possibility of Schizophrenia in people facing depression to varying extents in everyday life.