Diabetes risk augmented by Insomnia

Indeterminate sleeping pattern can lead to major fluctuation in body’s sugar levels. Insomnia reduces the secretion of insulin in the body. As a result, the blood sugar level gets increased in an inordinate manner. Nevertheless, blood sugar levels can be brought back to normal by following a regular sleeping pattern and sleeping for decent number of hours at night.

Wrist Test computes the chances of development of Diabetes in Kids

Wrist Test is an advanced and simplified test that can estimate the insulin levels of a child’s body. This test is based on the correlation that exists between the child’s wrist circumference and insulin resistance. In fact, the researchers have come to the conclusion that that the correlation between the wrist’s circumference and the amount of insulin resistance might be a closer one than the one it has with BMI. Wrist circumference is an indicator of the metabolic status of bone cells and therefore the insulin levels. Also, the researchers believe that many other heart diseases that are caused by narrowing of arteries start off their developmental stages in childhood.