Memory loss predisposition common in Menopause

Memory loss is a common issue encountered by most of the women of the above 40s group. Though the onset of forgetfulness in menopausal women bears no direct link to the body’s hormone levels, it was found to be linked with the troublesome symptoms of menopause like insomnia and anxiety. A crucial step that can be taken in this regard by menopausal women is of verbalizing a piece of information that is supposed to be retained in the brain for a longer time.

Growth hormone ensures joint growth in obese women

According to a study performed on premenopausal, obese women at the Massachusetts General Hospital, women can expect some amount of bone growth in joints after reaching menopause. Growth hormone can be an essential element for the maintenance of healthy joints. Overweight women are the target of reduced growth hormone levels. After following a strict growth hormone regime, the bone marrows of women were examined with MR spectroscopy. The examination results showed positive results in the form of increased bone formation, bone marrow fat, and muscle mass.

Do men go through hormone crisis like women go through menopause?

The answer is ‘Yes’. Hypogonadism is a state that is marked by the presence of low-end testosterone levels in men. This lowering of testosterone hormone is detected by the T cells of the brain. This detection is followed by the state of depression, lack of confidence, and lowered memory retention in men. In fact, hypogonadism is the condition that promotes the deposition of visceral body fat which makes men look fat with a ‘pot’ belly even when they are eating in normal amounts.