Nitisinone – Recent resource suggested for Albinism correction

Oculocutaneous albinism or OCA1 is an unusual variant of albinism that is marked by the presence of white hair, pallid skin, and light-coloured iris of the eye. These features exhibit the lack of melanin pigment in oculocutaneous albinism patients. The potential health risks that have been sighted for the OCA1 patients are eyesight impairment and likelihood of development of skin cancer. While many high SPF sunscreens have successfully ruled out the risk of development of skin cancer, the researchers have been constantly experimenting on the usability of herbicide named nitisinone for obviating the loss of eyesight in OCA1 patients. Based on recent studies researchers from the National Eye Institute, Bethesda state that nitisinone can be helpful in correcting Type 1 Tyrosinemia that is triggered by the lack of tyrosinase protein production.