Prostate cancer frequency heightened by Vitamin E supplements

Males who consume Vitamin E supplements on a regular basis face a high-end risk of development of prostate cancer. This hazardous situation was sighted only after a long-term follow up. As Vitamin E is a non-water soluble vitamin, the effects and dose of this vitamin tend to persist in the body for a time that’s long enough to give way to the onset of prostate cancer. Nonetheless, when used sparingly for a few months, Vitamin E supplements tend to improve the functioning of immune system in elderlies.

Latest treatment technique that promises 100% eradication of Prostate Cancer

Radio wave hypothermia has been finally proclaimed as the latest treatment technique that promises 100% eradication of Prostate Cancer. In the case of prostate cancer, narrowing of urethra is noticed followed by a reduction in the amount of urine output. A small probe emitting radio waves is introduced into the prostate glands. These radio waves emit heat of high temperatures in the prostate gland that specifically kill or damage the cancerous cells.