Candida washed out by silver nanoparticles mouthwash

Candida is one of the commonest fungal infections of the mouth that tends to set in with the onset of immunocompromising conditions. Candida albicans and Candida glabrata – these are the prime fungi that are involved in the development of candidal infection. Though there have been a couple of antibiotics available in the market that have been helpful in taking care of the milder to advanced cases of this infection, these remedial measures do tend to induce side-effects in the body with their extended usage. Lately, the introduction of silver nanoparticles mouthwash has made it possible for the patients to get rid of candidal infection without bothering about any side effects. This mouthwash is effectual in killing a wide range of bacteria and fungi that are responsible for the development of Candida and oral stomatitis.