Brushing right for a perfect shine

An extensive study performed on the brushing techniques and usage of toothpastes in Sweden revealed that a very minimum quantity of Swedes know about the optimum method of brushing. Though current toothpaste brands assure zero cavities, it is important to keep the other factors in mind too. For instance, the duration of brushing, the quantity of toothpaste applied onto the brush and the amount of water used during and after brushing are some of the factors that determine the fact that how effectually the teeth have been brushed.

Can Teeth reveal the identity of unidentifiable dead bodies?

Well that’s what forensic dentistry is all about!! Just like the DNA patterns, even our teeth patterns can serve as a proof of our identity. For instance, the growth pattern of our tooth’s enamel and of the nearby bone structure can reveal the actual age of the patient. In incidences of air crashes or road accidents, when the bodies of the victims are unidentifiable, federal agencies make use of this aspect of invaluable forensic dentistry to confirm the identity of unidentifiable dead bodies.

Grinding effect of stress on your teeth

Stress is one arduous state of mind that brings on a major grinding effect onto the teeth of oral cavity. Researchers studying the main causes that contribute to grinding of teeth at an early age state that stress induced in our day-to-day lives by emotional outbursts or workload gives way to an involuntary habit of ‘Bruxism’. Bruxism is an involuntary habit of grinding teeth while asleep that leads to wearing and high sensitivity state of teeth.

Control the decay of your Teeth

Though many of us rely on our toothpastes and toothbrushes for controlling the decay of our teeth there are many other factors that indirectly control the presence or absence of decay in our teeth. Consistency of saliva and amount of fluoride element in the tooth structures are the factors that control the presence/absence and degree of tooth decay. People with thin and copious amount of saliva can be assured of zero cavities throughout their life. Fluoride, an element that can be found incorporated in many toothpastes is originally present in an inbuilt form in many people and therefore resists the decaying bacteria with an immune mode.