Citrus fruits might preclude the onset of stroke in women

Ischemic stroke is a variant of stroke that is triggered by the gradual formation of clots in the heart vessels. A diet that is rich in anti-coagulants is usually recommended for such patients. Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit contain high proportions of flavones that improve the circulation of blood in the body. Citrus fruit diet can therefore be used as a preventive approach against obesity as well as stroke.

Gender bias noticed in heart attack incidence

A random study performed at the Medical University of South Carolina states that heart attack exhibits predisposition towards females. Coronary CTA is a non-invasive, investigation technique that determines the number of vessels with substantial amount of fat plaque and therefore estimates the severity of the blockage. By determining the consistency of the plaque, for instance, whether they are calcified, non-calcified and mixed, coronary CTA confirmed the fact that women develop extensive atherosclerosis within a short span of time and are therefore at a greater cardiovascular risk than men.

Attraction law for Heterosexual Men and Women revealed

According to the recent study performed at the University of British Columbia, women find happy men comparatively less attractive than contemplative men. On the other hand, men were found to be more attracted towards the women who were glad than the ones who looked confident. It is believed that these attractions laws bear a link with the evolutionary phases of men and women that have prevailed in the society over the decades. For instance, men have always been viewed as the provider of assets for the family and therefore women have the tendency of fitting contemplative men in that frame.

Excessive Weight Gain during Pregnancy=Obese Child

Pregnant women in the families are bound to get mollycoddled by the family members. At times this pampering endeavour gives way excessive weight gain during pregnancy. Researchers from all over the globe claim that the females who put on loads of extra pounds at the time of pregnancy are more prone to give birth to babies who may face an obesity issue in their later lives. This form of weight gain is different from the regular weight gain rendered by the pregnancy state. While the normal weight difference between a woman’s usual weight and a woman’s pregnancy time’s weight should be ideally 8-10 Kgs, the females who underwent excessive weight gain during pregnancy bore a difference 20 Kgs.

Who are more weighty—women drinkers or women non-drinkers

Surprisingly women drinkers who drink moderately have lesser chances of gaining weight than women who don’t drink at all. All thanks to the BMI reduction that alcohol gets with its energy balance property! Calorie count of per gram alcohol is 7 calories with 28 grams in every ounce. BMI is the measure that states the percentage of fat in the body and is surely something that’s maintained under normal levels by alcohol with its property of raising the metabolic stats of the body.