UTI's leading to Kidney Infection

Urinary tract infections are most often caused by E.Coli bacteria and can be cleared relatively easily with antibiotics to kill the bacteria or by reducing bacteria populations using natural processes.

D-Mannose has been linked to E.Coli elimination from the urinary tract.

Pyelonephritis is an infection that migrates up the urinary tract to the pyelum of the kidney.

Painful Kidneys and Urination

A kidney infection may cause symptoms of painful urination, abdominal tenderness or pain; sensitivity or localised pain associated with one or both kidneys depending upon the degree of infection.

Generalised symptoms can include fever, shivering (with rising temperature), headaches and vomiting.

Kidney Infections and Sexual Intercourse

Kidney infections are about 4 times more likely in women than men. They may also be more likely in younger, sexually active females.

Acute Kidney Infections

Acute cases associated with fevers may need hospital treatment using intravenous antibiotics and fluid to stabilise the condition. This may be followed up with oral antibiotics.

Kidney Infections – Preventing Recurrence

If kidney infections reappear then further investigations may consider abnormalities or surgical procedures.

When no abnormality is identified then preventative treatments using daily doses of antibiotics may be prescribed. Alternatively, taking antibiotics may be recommended after sexual intercourse.

Preventing Kidney Infections using Natural Remedies

As infection is most likely to occur via the Urinary Tract; compounds that can eliminate bacteria from the urinary are likely to offer long-term prevention of kidney infections. D-Mannose is a natural nutritional supplement that has a host of documented and anecdotal evidence for its ability to help eliminate bacteria from the urinary tract.

D-mannose is mostly effective against E.Coli bacterial infections and may help prevent or control recurring E.Coli based kidney infections.