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Terms and Conditions

D-Mannose website welcomes its visitors and vouches to serve their best interests. If the visitor wishes to visit the website more frequently, then there are certain terms and conditions which the visitor has to take note of while surfing through the pages. These terms and conditions are administered by a certain code of privacy policy which we will be highlighting here. There might be certain conditions which might garner disapproval from the visitor and in such cases, the team of D-Mannose strongly advises not to visit the website. Through this privacy policy, D-Mannose wishes to build a strong understanding and rapport with its customers and pledges to make the website user-friendly in all aspects. The privacy policy has been divided into three categories namely Copyright Notice, Disclaimer Notice and Cookie Policy.

Copyright Notice

All the content which is available on the website of D-Mannose has been licensed and the copyright to this content lies solely with D-Mannose team only. All the necessary rights have been preserved in the best interests of the website visitors and the website team. Ownership of all the materials presented on the website is with the D-Mannose team and any form of replication or redistribution of the content from the website will coerce the team to make claim for damages. The aforementioned materials consist of the layout of the website, the overall design, outlook, manifestation, content as well as graphics.

Any customer or party found duplicating information from the website and highlighting it on some other website will be penalized accordingly and the matter will be taken to court. However, the content of the website can be downloaded by customers and even printed provided that the customer wishes to use it for solely non-commercial purposes or personal purposes. If there is a party which intends to redistribute the content or commercially promote it, then they need to have a proper written permission from the team of D-Mannose without which, legal action will be invoked.

Disclaimer Notice

The singular aim of this website is to be informative in terms of the content that it is providing to customers. All the information and data on the site has been provided by the team of D-Mannose and thus, the rights over the content lie with the team as well. The team vouches to keep the information on the website up to date at all times so that there is no wrong information. However, no warranties or depictions will be ascertained by D-Mannose regarding the exactness, totality, steadfastness, accessibility and fittingness in light of the website. Same goes with the products, graphics and information that have been provided to the customers. The customers are strongly advised not to establish dependence on the information. Adherence to the information will be done at customer’s own risk.

D-Mannose team will not take responsibility in case if there is any damage or loss without roundabout, restraint or substantial loss of data in connection with the usage of this website. There are third party cookies which tend to hit each and every websites and thus, the customers are strongly assured that D-Mannose team has nothing to do with the links of other websites that surface on its page. The availability of the content on those websites as well as their nature is not under the supervision of the D-Mannose team. Thus, the team would like to solemnly clear the fact that the highlighting of such links on the website page does not necessarily point towards advertising or endorsing the content of the other links.

Unlawful and illicit use of the website is strongly discouraged and will be met with legal action. The team of D-Mannose is dedicated towards the interests of the customers and thus, is making all efforts to keep the website smooth to surf. On the contrary, D-Mannose team will not take responsibility in case if some technical fault arises which is beyond their control. These faults will strongly be governed by independent sources and D-Mannose team would make all efforts to avoid them from coming to light.